Waste not. Want not. It’s a simple credo that’s been passed down from the pioneers of the North — and one we still live by today. Our dedication to sustainable operations covers all aspects of our operation. Our cleaning products are 99% phosphate-free and we will reuse all the bottles we sell to completely reduce glass waste. 


In addition, the distilling system that produces our acclaimed spirits is also predicated upon the same dedication to conservation:


  • Spent grains from the distilling process feed local cattle on Old Mission Peninsula whose manure is then used to fertilize the hop and grain fields
  • We buy raw ingredients from local growers and ensure we use the freshest wheat, grapes, cherries, juniper and other ingredients.
  • We use untreated water from our own well which has a nearly perfect pH of 7.1
  • Our distillery employs a Clean-in-Place (CIP) system that filters and reclaims cleaning chemicals so that we can use them multiple times. When their useful life runs out, we dilute them so that there is no environmental impact whatsoever.
  • The distillery is lit by compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to reduce energy consumption and is heavily insulated to contain heat
  • We use high-quality bottles, which reduces the amount of breakage
  • The water used to cool down the spirits as it leaves the still and goes back to the hot liquor tank and is used for the very next batch, thus recapturing nearly 100% of the heat out of the spirits
  • And more


It’s not just how we do business. More importantly, it’s an oath we’ve made to Mother Nature.