Our Team

Mike Hall

Master Distiller

Master Distiller Mike Hall is the big gun on Old Mission Peninsula. A native of Nova Scotia, Mike is ultimately responsible for the sublime list of spirits at Northern United Brewing Company, which includes the line of Civilized Spirits. 


Mike is a world-renowned distiller, brewer, designer and educator. He is also a Senior Member of The European Institute and Guild of Brewing. Before becoming a partner in Northern United Brewing Company, Mike trained more than 100 brewers and distillers. He has designed, built and installed over 60 breweries and distilleries around from as far way as Siberia to the Bahamas and several right here in Michigan. As Master Distiller of Northern United Brewing Company, Mike enjoys collaborating with Ron Jeffries and together they have over 50 years of brewing and distilling experience between the two and time at internationally renowned breweries such as Dogfish Head and Jolly Pumpkin, meaning drinkers can rest assured that everything offered are of the utmost quality.  


Mike distills Northern United Brewing Company’s own Civilized Spirits— on-site.  The spirits are produced through the grand collaboration between Mike Hall and Ron Jeffries, these spirits are made from the fruit of the Northern Michigan landscape. Grapes picked from vineyards on the Bowers Harbor Inn property, Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula. Grain harvested from farms in the Traverse City area. Sugar beets grown in fertile Michigan soil. Ingredients like these enable Mike to distill remarkable vodka, whiskey, gin, and rum that can stand against any mainstream, or esoteric, spirit on the market.




Jon Carlson & Greg Lobdell

Managing Partners

Both Jon and Greg bring extensive business backgrounds to Northern United Brewing Company (NUBC), the parent company of Civilized Spirits, but their life long passion for beer, wine, spirits and great food is what makes their contributions to build something bigger and better than the traditional drink and food, making NUBC an artisan creation. Jon and Greg have been best friends since the age of 7, where they grew up on Old Mission Peninsula (home of the secret forest lair where many of the NUBC beers are created. Jon and Greg developed a passion for craft beer and artisan spirits while in Ann Arbor while attending the University of Michigan. After years of research drinking some really good beer and spirits, and way too many uninspiring beers and spirits, Jon took an enormous leap into the craft beer industry when he opened Grizzly Peak Brewing Company in 1993 with business partner Chet Czaplicka. Jon, Mike Hall and Ron Jeffries all collaborated on the opening where they developed a mutual respect for each other’s talents and passion for creating great beer. Jon and Greg developed a great respect for what Ron and Laurie Jefferies created in Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and began to collaborate with them in 2004.


Everyone on the team continued work on very successful projects individually, as well as continuing to work together on special projects for the past two decades before all re-joining forces to become partners in NUBC in 2008 and 2009. Jon and Greg have a passion for collaboration with like-minded, passionate and talented people. They have been managing the business side of NUBC since they created it in 2008. They formed a strong partnership with Ron and Laurie Jefferies and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and have worked hard to expand the amount of beers being made. Together, they:


  • Created a new production facility
  • Expanded the brand portfolio of NUBC
  • Developed three new restaurants and tasting rooms
  • Expanded the distribution of Jolly Pumpkin, North Peak, Grizzly Peak, Civilized and Bonafide brands.  


Many more great expansion projects are in the works that will allow them to continue to work with Ron and Mike to create great beer, wine and spirits!